Mafalda projects

All Mafalda SFU packages have by design an orthogonal API, making it possible to combine them in a mix-n-match way to create the best fit for your use case. The next diagram shows all the possible combinations:

Mediasoup Horizontal
Remote Mediasoup client
Remote Mediasoup server
Remote Mafalda client
Remote Mafalda server

Thick lines represent main connections, thin lines are compatible ones but their usage is not recommended. Dotted lines are client-server network connections.

Main projects

  • Mafalda: Mediasoup vertical scalability, allow to have Router objects that by-pass Mediasoup per-Worker limits.
  • Remote Mediasoup server & Remote Mediasoup client: remote control of Mediasoup instances, both of them build on top of ROPE server & ROPE client.
  • Mediasoup-cluster: standalone server using Mediasoup-horizontal to control multiple Remote Mediasoup servers from a single endpoint.

  • Mafalda-swarm: Decentralized horizontal scaling for Mafalda, allow to access streams from multiple entry points without a central management, based on P2P technologies and architecture. Estimated August 2023

Auxiliary packages

  • Remote Mafalda server & Remote Mafalda client: remote control of Mafalda instances.
  • Mediasoup-horizontal: Mediasoup horizontal scalability, allow to use Mediasoup Worker instances located on multiple servers from a single place as if they were local to it.
  • ROPE server & ROPE client: canonical implementations of the Remote Objects, Procedures and Events protocol, that allow remote control of objects located as if they were local, including sync’ed updates of remote state, also when multiple clients are involved.

  • Mafalda-monitor: Mafalda network monitoring tool, allow to control stats and loads of the servers in the network and their connected clients. Estimated December 2023