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How to migrate from Jest to node:test

2 minute read

Jest is one of the most populars testing frameworks for Javascript and Node.js. Originally developed by Facebook, it’s a one-stop-shop with testing, assertio...

Profiling npm install times

4 minute read

When installing Mafalda SFU packets, a problem I’ve suffered several times are install times, specially since I’m using git dependencies. I tried to reduce t...

Presenting Mediasoup Horizontal

2 minute read

Although Mafalda SFU is mainly focused on vertical scaling of Mediasoup and the WebRTC stack, the main problem I’ve found companies are facing is about how t...

WebRTC horizontal scaling

4 minute read

When approaching the horizontal scaling of WebRTC servers, we have two main approaches: decentralized P2P, and using a central server. Each one has its own d...

Presenting Mafalda SFU

2 minute read

Mafalda SFU is a massively vertical and horizontal scalable SFU built on top of Mediasoup. This allow to have (theorically) unlimited sized WebRTC-based vide...